Sunday, July 10, 2011

Modge Podge Letters

I am in the middle of transforming my son's room from the girls nursery into a little cowboys room. I will show you the finished result later, but for now I wanted to show you how I made letters for his room.

I started off with some unfinished letters from Joann's, scrapbook paper, paint and modge podge.

I painted the edges of each letter. No need to paint the entire letter, as the front will be covered with paper. My 6 year old took this picture, so it turned out a bit dark. lol

Then I traced the letters on to scrapbook paper. Be sure to remember to turn paper and letter both face down. The paper is so you don't have pencil marks showing and the letter should be face down or else you will end up with a backwards cut out.

Then spread a thin layer of modge podge all over the front of the letter and place paper cut out on top. Wait a few minutes for it to almost dry and then cover the paper with another thin layer of modge podge. FYI: A little goes a long way! Do not put too much modge podge on or you will have a wet, bubbled and wrinkled result.

The wood letters do not come with the hardware to hang them, so just pick up some at your local hardware store and attach.

The end result! The S is stripes, E is Stars, T is paisley and the H has cowboy hats, cowboys on horseback and the words Ride Em!