Monday, July 9, 2012

Sidewalk Paint

Kids were bored and I was busy doing housework, so I had not time to entertain or take them any where. What to do?  Remember several posts on pinterest on making your own sidewalk paint!

I grabbed some cornstarch & food coloring out of my pantry and went to work.

Poured a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch into a few holes in my muffin pan and added some squirt of food coloring.  I only had the gel kind on hand, but obviously the liquid would work too (better in my opinion).

Than add a bit of water and stir.  The teal is completely stirred up and the yellow is a work in progress.

I made 6 different colors, which resulted in

my kids having over an hour of fun!  And of course, you realize this means mommy also had an hour of peace & quiet.   Ahhhhh!

It works just as well on paper, as it does
on the sidewalk.

The best part is it can all be cleaned up by the spray of a hose, which I will have the kids to do, allowing them to cool off in the hot summer sun and add another 30 minutes or so of peace for me.  Win, Win!