Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top O' the Morning Breakfast details

Pinch Proof potion is just milk and a few drops of green food coloring. I put it in a mason jar and shook it. Rainbow on a stick. You are supposed to make a rainbow of fruit on a kabob, but I just made a rainbow on a plate and stuck the toothpick sign into a strawberry.

I had this gold tablecloth left over from my boutique and decided it worked perfectly with the theme as our Pot of Gold.
When I served the pancakes, my 7 year old exclaimed they looked like a Shamrock! To make green pancakes, just add green food coloring to the liquid mix before cooking.

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  1. Your St. Pat's day treats look great---what a neat idea!! You asked about the bags I used on my chick treats--I bought them from Stampin Up. Hope this helps!!