Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden at 6 weeks

It always amazes me how quickly plants grow. I mean, the lettuce was just seeds 6 weeks ago and the other plants were tiny! Now they are huge and producing food for my family to eat.  So cool I tell ya!!!

Here is my tomato plant.  I am very pleased with is so far this year.  Last year every tomato split and never got big.  These have not split and seem to be growing nicely.  The key "I think" is not to over water them.

Check out my cucumbers!  I have 3 about this size and maybe 10 more just starting out.  These are going to be delicious in salads and hopefully turned in to pickles.

My cute little bell peppers.  As you can see, I have 3 growing.  My other pepper plant doesn't seem to be doing quite as well.  I had to transplant it, because my squash plants leaves were over taking it and I feared it wouldn't grow well.  Now I am not so sure transplanting it was a good idea, but I shall see.

My yellow crooked neck squash are doing amazing!  I have about 10 growing, but this is the biggest.

My zucchini plant isn't doing as well as the yellow squash.  It is hard to see in this picture, but there are 2 zucchini's.  One is on the very bottom sticking it's head out below the branch and the other it on the top middle; you can see its flower on the very top.  There were 4, but one got eaten by a critter and the other just went bad. I am assuming a critter got to it too, but I couldn't see any markings so I am not positive.

Our strawberry plant produced about 10-15 strawberries.  Non of them got very big, but they were good.  I didn't get any pictures, as the kids ate them up way too fast!  Now it is working on making its 2nd batch.

I will try my best to take pictures when I harvest the food.  Can't wait to eat them!

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