Thursday, July 28, 2011


I made a couple of signs for my son's rodeo party and due to my being in a hurry, I learned a valuable tip that I thought I would share with you.

Normally, I would cut out my letters on my Silhouette and then I would adhere them to my card stock, trying my best to keep them equally spaced and straight. Well, because I was in a huge hurry, I decided to throw away the letters and just place the paper they were cut out of on top of a solid sheet of paper. Here I have the black paper on top of the cream paper.

Then I took the small pieces from the letters A, R and O and adhered them on where they should be. As you can see, this only took a minute to do and the letters are equally spaced and straight. I now know I will be doing all my signs this way!

I did the same thing for my Cowboy Cafe sign, just in opposite colors. Here, I cut the letters out of the cream colored paper and adhered it to the black paper. (please excuse the blue painters tape, I ran out of masking tape and had no time to run to the store before the party. Ooops!)

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