Sunday, February 12, 2012

Circus Theme Party

I recently helped throw a circus themed party. Once again, I am so very thankful for my Silhouette, as there is no was I could have done such nice decorations. The guests were greeted by this sign at the front door.
We attempted to make the dining room ceiling look like the top of a circus tent using crape paper, but I think it would have turned out much better if we would have used large sheets of material. Still turned out festive though. The guy the party was for is a huge circus/clown fan and had several old posters that we were able to use as part of the decor too. Also, to make more room we pushed the table up against one wall of the dining room.
Here is a picture of the treat/sweet table before we finished adding all the food.
Instead of attempting to make several cupcake toppers, we found it to be just as cost effective and easier to order these from Oriental Trading Co. The bonus feature is that they are made of vinyl, so they could be washed and reused someday.
The other cupcakes were baked in snow cone cups, topped with frosting and then sprinkled with homemade colored sugar to look like actual snow cones. These even fooled a few of the kids!
All of the food served was food that you would actually find at a circus. To help liven up the table, I made these super cute place cards.

The lemonade not only had this cute label, but also some tickets wrapped around it. We did the same thing with the peanut bowl to help tie it together.

The salt was made using Crystal Stickles. Perfect touch!
With so many treats, there was no way anyone would want to eat a large amount of cotton candy, so putting a small amount into cupcake liners works perfectly.
This party was really fun to put together and hopefully you get some ideas. This was an adult party, so if you have kids, it would be really fun to add face painting and games, but the decor would be still be amazing for any age group.


  1. I LOVE it, Jennifer! I love the food signs and the ones with the tickets around it were the perfect little details. Great job!

  2. Such a great party idea!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!