Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kitchen Cake

I found this cute project on Pinterest. Instead of doing the traditional diaper cake for a baby shower, I made a Kitchen Cake for a bridal shower.

The supplies needed are: Two cereal boxes (I originally was going to use a flower pot, but it was too difficult), Cake Disk, Kitchen Towels, Fake Flowers, Kitchen Utensils and Ribbon.

Take your cereal boxes and open them up, cutting off all the tabs.  Shape them into round pillars and use hot glue to hold the shape and then glue them to the cake disk.  Wrap the kitchen towels around them.

Next, wrap the ribbon around the towels to hold them in place and also add dimension and add the flowers to the top.

Take your kitchen utensils and stick them in between the layers of towels.

Then I used my Silhouette to create and cut out the first letters of their names.  C for Cristoff & A for Anna.

Then I used glue dots to ad-hear the letters to the ribbon and the cake is done!  Font of cake and

back of cake.

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